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The growth and use of intelligent recycling will be accomplished through partnership between OnTo and industry all along the battery materials manufacturing chain.  These partnership opportunities range from equity investment through license and tech-transfer.  To put direct recycling on-site, fundamental steps need to be taken including planning, testing, and engineering. OnTo is ready and available to partner with OEMs to achieve it.

Cathode Healing
Cathode Healing

Battery Deactivation

Elimination of class-9 hazards in recycling lithium batteries.  This includes sodium, zinc, iron, and metal-hydride.


On-Site Cathode Healing™

Recycling scrap batteries from manufacturing at the source and for the source.


Lithium-Iron Phosphate Recycling

The only way to recover value from LFP for industrial reuse.



Critical Materials Recovery from black mass to improve the value of precursor materials.

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