April 23, 2020: Dr. Steven Sloop's article on Direct Recycling (p.119) in the spring edition of Batteries and Energy Storage Technology. He discusses the most efficient way to recycle valuable Li-ion materials in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.

February 14, 2020: OnTo’s Cathode-Healing™ highlighted in two articles published in Journal Special Issue on Recycling of Batteries and Electronics. The recent special issue of Sustainable Materials and Technologies (SM&T) includes two OnTo publications: “A direct recycling case study from a lithium-ion battery recall” and “Cathode healing methods for recycling of lithium-ion batteries.” Both articles demonstrate cathode-healing™ on end-of-life Li-ion and reuse of cathodes in new batteries. These are the first full cells made from direct recycled cathodes and anodes from an industrial source.

January 29, 2020: Oregon Governor Kate Brown visits OnTo. Governor Brown and her team visited OnTo’s facilities and discussed the future of electric vehicles in Oregon and around the globe. It was a great opportunity to share OnTo's wholistic vision of safe, efficient recycling for the next generation of transportation, and development of rural economies here in Oregon and around the country. 

September 27, 2019: New OnTo patent issued in China. Onto Technology was issued a new patent in China, "Method of Recycling Positive Electrode Material of a Lithium-ion Battery."  

September 26, 2019: OnTo awarded Phase I Battery Prize. OnTo was one of 15 companies selected in the highly competitive Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize from the US Department of Energy. The goal of the prize is Identify innovative solutions for collecting, sorting, storing, and transporting spent lithium-ion batteries. 

September 16, 2019: Phase II awarded to OnTo from Defense Logistics Agency.  The two-year award “Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Lithium-ion Direct Recycling Technologies,” will scale the Cathode-Healing™ process and expand capabilities.

August 27, 2019: Cathode-healing™ is now trademarked! OnTo received a Notice of Allowance for their trademark

“Cathode-Healing” and a patent for the "Cathode-Healing" process.

December 2018: OnTo and Dr. Sloop receive the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Cooperative Agreement

May 23-25, 2016: The National Innovation Summit, Washington, DC.  OnTo and Dr. Sloop receive an innovation award

March 2016: International Battery Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Dr. Sloop's tutorial on advanced battery recycling

February 2015: OnTo's Dr. Sloop and Drive Oregon discuss the importance of advanced battery recycling as service and critical material source for the electric vehicle market

2015: OnTo demonstrates 2000 cycles (and counting) on cells built with recycled lithium-ion batteries at the US Department of Energy Annual Merit Review, this exciting breakthrough show the fundamental way to reduce costs of batteries for EV and other applications through recycling and manufacturing.

November, 5 2015: Nature interviews battery recyclers and OnTo Technology

October, 5 2015: Recyclers urged to develop capability to address lithium-ion

September, 30 2015: World Battery Market is $60 billion with very promising potential for recycling