"Oil change" for batteries

Opportunity: Extend battery life without manufacturing a new cell


Removes hazards for safe, inexpensive transport

Opportunity: Eliminate Li-ion logistics hazards and reduce overall cost of recycling by ~50%

Harvesting & Sorting

High yield, benign separation of valuable electrodes and metals. Sort batteries by cathode chemistry.

Opportunity: Recover valuable battery material with high yields and purity; adds value and reduces waste in recycling. Rapidly distinguish between cathode chemistries for efficient direct recycling.

Clean Cathode Precursors 

Efficient direct cathode recovery-particle to precursor 

Opportunity: Recover clean, valuable cathode precursor from any Li-ion battery; add flexibility to direct recycling 

Cathode- Healing

Efficient direct cathode recovery-particle to particle

Opportunity: Produce clean cathode particles at a low cost, recover industrial scrap during original manufacturing 


OnTo's comprehensive suite of technologies are available for license to the industry.  These can be part of a new service business and/or verticals within the manufacturing value chain. OnTo looks forward to partnering and supporting the next generation of recycling services! Contact us for more information.