OnTo Technology develops and patents advanced battery recycling innovations to address the life cycle of electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and more. The efficient technology produces manufacturing quality electrode materials from recycled batteries and improves safety during transportation. Research interns will perform hands on, cutting-edge research in lithium-ion battery recycling. Training will be provided on site.

Position Duties: This is an opportunity for a paid internship as a research laboratory technician
working with a Research & Development team. Interns will work in a chemistry lab setting.
Specific duties include characterizing electrochemical properties of materials, operating an atmosphere controlled dry box, installing and troubleshooting hydrothermal reactors,
performing solid-state synthesis, characterizing materials with XRD (i.e. crystalline size analysis
with XRD) and other methods (UV-vis), and working closely with a team of laboratory and
engineering researchers.

This is a part time position (10-30 hours/week) in person during day time shifts (9:00am-
6:00pm) with flexibility to your school schedule.

Please send your resume to